Sander Gieszen

Since 1-1-2019 I am working for Winterswijk Logistics.
It feels like coming home because the company runs like a thread through my life and is now owned by my brother Henk and me.

Since my youth I know the company as Uil & Winterswijk. I played soccer with my brother against the warehouse doors when my dad had to work on a Saturday.
I sat on a pallet to be lifted by a fork-lift truck and took small bags of sugar from the kitchen for snacking.
As a teenager I went fishing for eels on a boat with Hans Uil and I was always tickled on my ribs really hard by Ger Winterswijk.
My father became co-owner when Hans Uil left the company and the name of the company changed to Winterswijk.

As a 16-year-old boy, I worked for Winterswijk one summer holiday.
I remember having fun to be able to drive on a moped through the harbor of my hometown Rotterdam and get all the paperwork done for shipments.
The love for Ireland is passed on to me by my father through holidays and business trips.
In 1995 Ger Winterswijk died and my father became the owner of Winterswijk. Ger Winterswijk’s death touched me because of the good memories of a cheerful man.
I am proud that the company still carries his name today.

My father has now retired and the company is now owned by my brother Henk and me, his sons who played around the company in the 70s.
My brother Henk works for Winterswijk since 1999. And now that I'm on staff, we are playing at Winterswijk again.

The flexibility and direct approach of our family-owned business appeals to me.

Ger Winterswijk, my father, my brother and Rotterdam. I am proud and enjoy working for Winterswijk Logistics.

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Henk Gieszen
Henk Gieszen

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Sander Gieszen
Sander Gieszen