Brexit implications for transport to the UK and Northern Ireland

You might already have wondered what impact Brexit will have on transporting goods from Holland to Great Britain and Northern Ireland. We are following the developments closely and will regularly keep you informed.

What we hope to avoid is to return to the situation before 1992. Fortunately the initial consultation platforms already formed to respond quickly to new circumstances that may arise after Brexit in freight between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Visit Brexit Minister
Recently the UK Minister David Jones, appointed as minister for leaving the EU visited TLN. On the Dutch website an account of this visit can be read.

Read this article here: British Brexit delegation visit Transport and Logistics Netherlands

On our way towards a paperless office

Paperless office
As in many industries sustainability plays an important role in the transportation industry. At Winterswijk Logistics we are constantly working on improving the sustainability of our business. Reducing the use of paper is a good example. Recently, we implemented a new order system which reduces the need to print documents. A big step towards a paperless company.

Sustainable fleet
All our cars and vans have been replaced by environmentally friendly hybrid cars. This gives us a significant saving on fuel, moreover we use less fossil fuels.

Adjustment Marpol regulations

On January 1st 2015 the directive 2013/33/EU came into place. This directive limits the accepted Sulphur emission for vessels in within the Northwest-European control area, the so called Sulphur Emission Control Area (SECA). This area contains the English channel, The Northsea and the Baltic sea routes. From this date the sulphur emission must be decreased to max. 0,1%.

Winterswijk Logistics approved as training company

Winterswijk Logistics is authorised to accept pupils in order to teach them and let them get experience in the forwarding business. With this Winterswijk logistics contributes to the education in the logistical business.

You find more information about this on the website of CTL Kenniscentrum

Fuel additional January

Fuel costs are a major part of our transport rates. The current percentage is based on the fuel costs on the 1st of each month, published by TLN and the published costs for the seca additional where applicable. For the month January 2015 the fuel additional is 5%. The seca addition is 1 % where applicable.

You find more information regarding the diesel additional on TLN Website